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It’s Mandatory

A glove OF DESTRUCTION, perhaps? Eh, not so much. As SFW as OJST is ever gonna be.

It has long been an unstated policy of this blog that certain things will always get a mention; some may argue that the list of qualifying items constantly changes to prevent people from gaming the system, and that I’m merely trying to make a system of whim and caprice sound all official. Fine. But right now I am stating that I will always highlight Erika Moen laughing like a supervillain. Always.

In other news:

  • Called it. Six days ago I predicted that the Smut Peddler 2014 Kickstarter would clear US$100,000, provide US$1000 bonuses for creators and eclipse the totals of the 2012 edition. As of this writing, the totals of SP2014 are sitting at US$117K (or 588% of goal); the thousand-dollar bonuses were achieved at US$115K, and by any measure I’d say that the first book’s take of US$83K is well and truly eclipsed, having been exceeded by nearly 50%. Oh, and there’s still twelve days to go. Time for the traditional end-campaign uptick to kick in.

    I didn’t calculate the FFF at project launch, but going by the standard formula it appears that the very strong start (some US$30,000 in the first day) results in a high target: somewhere in the US$133 — 266K range, which seems entirely plausible. The real question is, can those creator bonuses hit fifteen hundred apiece (at US$165K)? At this point, I’m giving it a 50/50 chance.

  • TCAF alert: depending on the presence of ocean monsters and the cooperation of Customs, there may be two more debut books for those swarming TopatoCo’s table in Toronto:

    Ok! Questionable Content Vol. 4 and Three Panel Soul Vol. 2 are now both on boats winding their way across the kraken-strewn Pacific Ocean.

    As we all know, squid love them some comics, and there exists a precedent for boats carrying webomics-related materiel to have to turn back. Here’s hoping the briny deep doesn’t decide to get greedy.

[…] Peddler 2014 is currently sitting (as I write this) at US$136,624 on a goal of US$20,000; the FFF predicted a finish of US$133-266K, so yay it’ll land within my excessively wide margin of […]

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