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There’s so much idiocy and stupidity in the world of comics these days, so many people who can’t look beyond their own noses and find a minimum degree of empathy for another. Those who think it’s wrong can — rightfully! — rail against it until they turn blue, and somebody else will pop up being just as big a jerk thirty-seven seconds later. It’s like the world is overrun with assholes.

That thought put me in mind of the famous dictum that you can replace the caption of any New Yorker cartoon with Christ, what an asshole and the gag will still work. That thought made me wonder if you could do the same for webcomics, so I went looking for examples where it would work. In fact, it’s pretty applicable to a wide variety of situations.

I’m only including comics that are new today, and in some cases I’ve only included a portion of the comic. Where you see a word balloon empty, that’s where you insert the magic phrase; otherwise, treat it as a caption after reading the whole thing. Clicking any of the images will take you to the original (most likely better) joke; in the case of Girl Genius and Schlock Mercenary, you’ll probably want to click through to be able to read all the text.

In no particular order:

Evil, Inc.

Three Word Phrase

Schlock Mercenary

The Devil’s Panties

Dumbing of Age

Surviving The World

Girl Genius



Monster of the Week

And, because I’m nothing if not fair, here’s a counter-example where the substitution absolutely does not work, unless you’re a horrible person. It’s pretty!

Oh my.

I must say, given that you chose to do this with strips published on Good Friday, you could very well have ended up with a strip showing the Crucifixion, with two onlooking Roman soldiers exchanging a quip…


Whoa. I’ll be trying this on every web comic from now on, thanks.

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