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It’s MoCCA Time

I trust that I’ll see you there? We’ve already mentioned that many fine creators who will be in attendance, but somehow missed including David McGuire on that list so let’s address that now: David McGuire will be at MoCCA Fest, at table C5.

The longtime readers among you may recall that I don’t usually list table numbers with regards to MoCCA, since the venue is essentially one large room, but there are two others in particular I want to share, and one thing in general.

The first particular is Magnolia Porter, who is sharing table space with Tom Siddell at G5, and not at table A8 (as she is listed on the MoCCA exhibitor’s page). The second is Evan Dahm, who is at table C3, but who by rights should be at table B9, no? Let’s see if we can make that happen next year.

The general thing is the layout of the floor. In the years that the Society of Illustrators has been running the show, MoCCA Fest has been dong a bang-up job. The taller backdrops last year made for a smart-looking show floor, and this year they’re making another big change: the aisles are turned 90° to their previous orientation. In past years, entering from the main staircase on Lexington, a MoCCAgoer would duck around the showrunner table and then head up the center aisle of tables

Now, they’ll be heading into a center travel aisle, with exhibitor aisles branching off to the left and right. I can’t help but suspect that this may distribute showgoers throughout the hall more uniformly upon entrance. I’ll be sure to watch the traffic patterns.

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