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Good News Going Into The Weekend

If you should wander by the Periscope Studio booth at Emerald City Comic Con (that would be number #1214), do be a dear and find Dylan Meconis and high-five the everliving crap out of her for me, will you? Because her longform webcomic, Family Man, just got nominated for a frickin’ NCS division award, alongside some luminaries as Jenn Manley Lee’s Dicebox, Eddie Pittman’s Red’s Planet, and Jeff Smith (who just happens to be one of the all time giants of comics) for Tüki Save The Humans. Dag, yo.

Over in the short form category, you can find Jim Horwitz’s Watson, Ryan Pagelow’s Buni (my favorite of the three), and the New Yorker online comics of Mike Twohy. The last one strikes me as a little weird (or perhaps redundant), as Twohy is also nominated in the category for magazine gag cartoons, which raises the possibility that the same cartoons seen in the magazine and online could be separately recognized in two divisions. Since the divisions handle nominations separately, the NCS may need to draft policy in the future to deal with such situations.

[Edit to add: NCS President Tom Richmond has clarified the matter in the comments– Mike Twhohy’s nominations are for works that appear in different media and they do not overlap. We at Fleen apologize for the confusion on my part, and thank to Richmond for the clarification.]

And to round out a good day for webcomics, Emily Carroll’s Out of Skin racked up yet another recognition, as it has been nominated in the Doug Wright Awards for the Pigskin Peters trophy.

The Doug Wright Awards will be given out in conjunction with TCAF on 10 May, and the NCS awards at the Reubens weekend in San Diego on 24 May (with special guest “Weird’ Al Yankovic).

Gary- Consideration for online short form requires that the work only appear online… no print appearances. Mike’s cartoons that appear online as supposed to be ones that are exclusive to New Yorker Online, thus eligible.

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