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Books! With Comics! And Math Shows Up Too!

  • As mentioned in the recent past, Angela Melick is launching her latest Wasted Talent collection, and we now have a target pre-order go-live date: Friday, 14 March, at 11:00am PDT. Jam’s the best, note to myself to get in on that.
  • Speaking of future books, Randall Munroe announced today that his What If? sideproject will be releasing a book, to be released on 2 September via Houghton-Mifflin, available in fine bookstores everywhere. The book will feature expanded versions of Munroe’s favorite questions from the past almost-two years (I’m betting that both the Ryan Northrelated questions make the cut), along with questions submitted that needed more time or space than the website afforded.
  • The Table Titans Kickstarter, mentioned yesterday, has been up for about 27 hours as of this writing, making it the perfect time to apply the Fleen Funding Formula¹: the current Kicktraq prediction (at the 24-36 hour mark) is for US$363,500, about 1200% of goal. We divide this number by both 3 and 6, giving a range of 200-400% of goal, or US$60 – 120,000. We’ll see how well the formula works in another 28 days.
  • Patreon has been a big splash in webcomics circles this calendar year. Today I learned a few things about it. One, the cofounder of Patreon is the guy from Pomplamousse. Two, it scares the bejabbers out of some creators, primarily because of fears of being indebted to backers. Three, it’s funding a new podcast series on creativity, from Brad Guigar, Scott Kurtz, and Cory Casoni². It’s that last one I want to focus on.

    If there was an announcement on the podcast (dubbed Surviving Creativity) before today, I confess I missed it. The first hint I had of it was last week when I had the good fortune to have dinner with power couple Dylan Meconis and Katie Lane³ and Dylan mentioned that she’d been recording a podcast episode with Guigar & Kurtz; I figured it was an episode of Guigar’s revived Webcomics Weekly, but nope! New venture.

    And the first creator to appear will be the aforementioned GFP, Jack Conte. This looks like one to keep your eye on, if only to get your recommended daily allowance of Guigar Giggles™ (that would be 14 seconds daily, or 150 seconds once per week).

¹ Alternately, Fleen Funding Factor, Fleen Fudge Factor, or any other F-heavy alliterative phrase.

² Kurtz’s business guy, and deeply involved in the now-winding-down ShiftyLook.

³ Who just announced that she’s leaving the corporate job to provide services to freelancers and comickers all the time. Hire her if you care about your financial stability.

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