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New Things! Things That Are New!

First and foremost, there is a gorgeous blue sky in Portland; the rain and drizzle of the morning burned off into a wonderful day. Neat. Shame I have to leave tomorrow.

  • Dropping today: KB “Otter” Spangler’s second novel, Maker Space; it’s the one that you (yes, you) helped to get converted to audiobook and Braille. It’s available in a variety of formats and places:

    It’s March 3rd, and that means Maker Space is live! Ebooks only right now; I need to make sure the formatting changes for the Kickstarter character winners have gone through before I release print copies.

    This is the Amazon (US) link for .mobi files. I made sure that DRM is not enabled. International links should be live by Tuesday.

    The AGAHF store has .pdfs.

    At the time of writing, I’m still waiting for the files at the Smashwords site to go live. This site has multiple file options for e-readers, and no DRM.

    Disclaimer: I was an earlier reader of both Rachel Peng novels, and Otter is a personal buddy; doesn’t change the fact that they are all kinds of good.

  • Dropping today: Tavis Maiden, he of the Beast Aura, had his Kickstart and said that his new comic would launch in March, and here it is March, and here is Tenko King. Check ‘er out.
  • Coming Soon: Surviving The World’s Dante Shepherd announced that he’s joining the I Love Charts team, and the I Love Charts Team is joining The Medium (parent site of The Nib):

    So, big announcement: I’ll be contributing to the @ilovecharts team over on @Medium with a new comic once a week: …

    As somebody who firmly believes you can never have too many charts, this is good news.

  • Coming Soon: TopatoCo has a new client in The Fullbright Company, maker of last year’s artistic and experimental videogame, Gone Home. I can’t recall TopatoCo partnering with a game company before, but they work with fine artists and educators and public radio producers, so why not a game company, if it matches with the TopatoCo aesthetic? Gone Home gear is available now, with delivery to your grubby little hands likely in the next 10-12 days.
  • Coming Soon: The previously-mentioned new webcomic from David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc) is expected sometime in April, and Morgan-Mar has specifically shared what the new strip is about:

    So if you want to know what my new comic will be about, this is what it’s about: It’s about improving my drawing skills.

    He may be stealing an approach from Scott McCloud, who when asked — over the past few years — what his forthcoming graphic novel is about replied About 400 pages.

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