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Still on slow network, but not quite as bad as yesterday. I’ll take it.

  • Best reason to get an eBay account if you don’t already have one: the Stan and Sharon Sakai Benefit Auction, launching next week. Watch this space for further information as it become available. Or, you know, just wait until the 6th and search for “sakai benefit auction” on eBay.
  • The Bram Stoker Awards, given by the Horror Writers Association, are the premiere recognition that you are writing something seriously spookifying and creeping others the hell out, while also serving as an inducement to always stay personally on the straight and narrow¹. The finalists for the 2013 awards are in, and alongside familiar names such as Stephen King (competing against his son) and Joe Hill (competing against his father), there is the category for Superior Achievement in a Graphic Novel, where one may find a series of print efforts, as well as Cameron Stewart’s Sin Titulo. Okay, granted, he’s nominated for Sin Titulo (Dark Horse Comics), meaning the print edition, but we know it was a webcomic first. Best of luck to Stewart, that Stoker Award would look great next to his Eisner.
  • Week to week, it’s even money whether the most thinky comic will come from Randall Munroe or Zach Weinersmith; while the competition may still be open for thinkiest comic, unless Munroe does some real quick publishing Weinersmith won for the thinkiest book by a webcomicker this week. Behold: Polystate: A Thought Experiment in Distributed Government, presently sitting at #5 in Kindle books on the topic of political science.

    I haven’t read Polystate yet (no Kindle, for one thing), but judging from the description I feel confident in reminding Weinersmith that when Stephenson thought up franchulates in Snow Crash he meant them to be all dystopian and satirical, not a model for serious consideration. It’s on your head if society breaks up and devolves into an anarchic, polystatic form, Zach. Yeah, yeah, I know — about to have a new baby in the house, you wouldn’t notice if society collapsed for the next eighteen months or so, but some of us are trying to have a civilization here.

¹ on the grounds that if you ever do stray and commit some crime, the fact that you thought up something scary enough to win a Brammy will almost certainly be used as evidence at your trial that you are malevolent and spend time thinking about how to harm your neighbors.

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