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Holy Crap

Yeah, pictures ain’t happening today.

Okay, not naming any names, but when a major technology company¹ has in-house WiFi that is chugging along at 47.3kbps, I’ma say that you’re not doing a good job as a major technology company. In fact, this has been a sad trend in my career; even two years ago when I visited a client, speedy network was a given; now, it’s a sad crapshoot. This will necessarily be brief.

Etiquette lessons, via Ryan North:

So far this year I have shared a meal with TWO former Olympians entirely by random chance, and in case it happens a third time in as many months I’ve looked up an etiquette thing that I will now share with you. When someone reveals that they’ve competed in the Olympics, are you allowed to say “…Did you win?”

The answer is no!

What you CAN say is “How did you do?” or “What was it like?” or “Wowowowow” but you should leave it to them to tell you if they won a medal. So now we’re all ready to dine with elite-level athletes. (For the first one when he said he was in the Olympics I just said “Oh that must have been really really neat” and so if you want to share a meal with someone who sounds like he’s touched in the head, I’m available.)

Worth mentioning again, and it comes from one of my favoritest creators, Magnolia Porter:

Hello friends! Some of you have asked me to give slightly more notice about what cons I will be attending this year, so I’ll let you know right now that the next time you can see me in person will be at MoCCA in New York, April 5 & 6. I will be sharing my table with Tom Siddell so come on down if you want to meet us! I’ll mention MoCCA again when it’s a little closer to the date, but there you go.

Did you catch it? The almost-in-passing reference to Gunnerkrigg Court creator Tom Siddell splitting table space with Monster Pulse creator Porter. We knew that Siddell was coming to New York in the spring, but being reminded six weeks out instead of five months out does make it easier to keep track of. Hooray for the table with possibly the highest concentration of well-written teen characters.

¹ You are disappointing me, client.

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