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Miscellaneous Wednesday

I like those days with lots of random things instead of one big story — it’s pretty much a promise that something in the news will appeal to you.

  • I spoke to you of Ursula Vernon and the SWFA contretemps last week; there’s an aftermath that caught my eye yesterday. Namely, more Ursula Vernon arty goodness. Honestly, people that scream loudly about the moving of the tide can scream themselves silly if it means I get more Ursula Vernon drawings; I’m not sure how, but she makes chitinous, six-legged, antennaed things from the far side of the Valley of Not Like Us almost cuddly.
  • I’ve mentioned, from time to time, Christopher Bird and Davinder Brar’s Al’Rashad; I like its scope, its approach to page-at-a-time storytelling, the show-don’t-tell worldbuilding, not to mention sharp writing and gorgeous art. Bird’s story feels like it’s coming into the endgame, but it’s not quite there yet; it’s a bit early to be doing post-mortems and analytic looks back, but he has taken the time to share his experiences in trying to build up readership via Project Wonderful ads. The campaign started some two weeks ago (around this page), so Bird’s got enough data to say adverts = readership bump and which were most effective.
  • New Delilah Dirk story:

    DELILAH DIRK AND THE SEEDS OF GOOD FORTUNE: a self-contained tale of adventure, now available as a digital download!

    Creator Tony Cliff doesn’t say in that tweet (darn those 140 character limits), but The Seeds of Good Fortune is pay what you want, noting:

    At a loss for how much to contribute? Most Marvel/DC digital comics are $0.99. The print edition of Seeds was $6.00 plus shipping. If in doubt, why not split the difference?

    That would be three and a half bucks, by the way. Pretty fair price for 36 pages.

  • New Diesel Sweeties collection [no permalink]:

    Victory! My second Oni Press book, “Bacon is a Vegetable; Coffee is a Vitamin” is out today. I’ve got them a day early in my store. I’m doing paperbacks for just $15 this week so you can upgrade to a personalized version and still only pay normal price.*

    *Or just save money. It’s Wizard Magic.®

    Only Bacon Wizards and Coffee Warlocks are authorized to click this link. By clicking this link, you certify that you are a Bacon Wizard or Coffee Warlock under penalty of Space Law.

    Listen to the man, you do not want to run afoul of Space Law.

  • New Christopher Hastings comic book:

    Tumblr, I wrote this comic for you.


    • Hang on…is that Deadpool or Spider-Man? YES.
    • Deadpool “helps out” his “friend” Spider-Man by donning his webs!
    • Think Spidey will appreciate it?
    40 PGS./ ONE-SHOT/Rated T+ …$4.99

    Hastings is fast becoming the go-to guy at Marvel for goofball characters and stories that are actually fun. Given the increasing visibility (tolerance?) for such projects at the Big M, I hope this means more work for Hastings. A lot more work, because I enjoy the crap out of it.

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