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Looking Ahead To March

But first: Happy 5000 Strips Day to my evil twin. Also, does somebody who knows Wikipedia want to update Howard’s bio to reflect that he’s my evil twin? That would be awesome.

  • Not so long ago I was musing on people that Kickstart new comics and don’t deliver and I was thinking to myself Tavis is due to launch in March; I bet he’s all over that deadline. Tavis being Tavis Maiden, whom I had the opportunity to talk to at length last summer, about his Kickstarter to launch a new comic, and why would it take him six months anyway? In a word, infrastructure, and he was quite clear that Tenko King would be launching in March. Well, whaddaya know:

    Tenko King is coming in two weeks.

    Short, clear, to the point, and two weeks from yesterday would be … 3 March, the very earliest he could launch in March on a weekday. The lesson here being, do not doubt Tavis.

  • David Morgan-Mar (PhD, LEGO®©™etc) is one of those guys I will never stop following online; his comics (of which Irregular Webcomic is just one) are variously funny, inventive, and/or feature interesting technological hooks. His philosophical treatises on science and the world around us are enlightening. And he’s going to be launching a new project, soon:

    I have a new webcomic idea which I plan to work on and launch some time in the next few weeks. It will be wholly produced by me (as opposed to produced with co-authors like Darths & Droids, or soliciting reader contributions like Square Root of Minus Garfield).

    Stay tuned.

    Next few weeks? Sounds like it could be March. I’ll be over here, perched on these tenterhooks.

  • In March of last year the internet saw fit to give three quarters of a million dollars to the creators of Cyanide and Happiness for the purposes of cornering the market on hookers and smack making an internet-based show, since attempts to do an actual broadcast-type show would have resulted in a whole bunch of people who were not the creators of Cyanide and Happiness taking ownership of various degrees of Cyanide and Happiness.

    Screw that noise, I can imagine Dave, Kris, Matt, and Rob saying to themselves. Now, a show (even one on the internet) is considerably more complex to put together than an webcomic, but a year’s production time for such an undertaking is practically warp speed. Progress is being made, reports Rob DenBleyker on behalf of The C&H Show team [audio, video, possibly not safe for your workplace], with a launch later this year. You know what’s later this year? March. Just sayin’.

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