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Done With This Week

Done with snow, done with slush, done with packed ice from the plow at the end of my driveway, done. Done, done, done. Two more inches of snow tomorrow? It had better be the last of the season or me and Mother Nature are going to throw down.

Yet always is the winter of discontent made glorious summer by the sun of webcomics, by which I naturally mean Brad Guigar¹. Take ‘er away, Brad:

Today marks 14 years of my doing a daily comic strip on the Web — and the beginning of the second full year since I left my day job to fulfill my lifelong goal of being a full-time professional cartoonist.

We all know what this means: Brad is one of the good guys, one who’s always there to share knowledge and hard-won wisdom, so I expect that you will all be there for him in two years when his webcomicking career turns 16 and gets its driving license and stays out all night causing poor Brad endless worry. It’s only right.

Kickstarter update time!

  • It’s been two and a half weeks, roughly, since Jesse Thorn’s Make Your Thing campaign launched, and it’s not looking too likely. It’s stalled at about the 20% mark with a bit less than eleven days to go to make its US$120,000 goal. The idea behind the conference is entirely laudable, and I hope that Thorn, et. al., find a way to make it work even without funding up front; if nothing else, they’ve learned that there’s a scope-and-scale disconnect between what they want to do and what people are willing to participate in.
  • In better news, Tony Breed is, as I write this, on the verge of meeting goal for the fourth collection of Finn & Charlie Are Hitched … like eleven dollars away from the very modest US$3800 goal, also with a bit less than eleven days to go. Be the person to put him over goal and we can see how the stretch goal(s) will make the books nicer. Do it just because this book is dedicated to the very concept that the very wise Lore Sjöberg noted are the three most wonderful words in the English language: I’m somebody’s fetish.
  • Two days in, about 20% of the way there — Great Adaptations will be a children’s book about evolution, with contributions from the likes of Rosemary Mosco, Yuko Ota, Zach Weinersmith², and JN Wiedle (plus a bunch of scientists that — let’s face it — you wouldn’t recognize by name). It’s a very neat project, and I’m a little surprised that it’s only sitting at about 150 backers, with the limited rewards at the higher tiers mostly unclaimed. Let’s get the word out on this one — little Ada Weinersmith needs good books to be read to her when she arrives, and this is our chance to help make that happen.

¹ Ladies.

² Illustrating a story called The Mystery of the Vanishing Killifish, which just happens to be the subject of a doctoral dissertation by Kelly Weinersmith, who is coincidentally married to Zach Weinersmith, the two of whom are in the end stages of a possibly-illegal cloning experiment.

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