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Twenty Centimeters Of Wet Snow Yesterday; One Centimeter Of Ice Expected Tonight. Somebody Kill Me.

Okay seriously whoever has been wishing for a snow-filled winter like we used to have kindly knock that shit off. The demands of keeping up with weather kept me from noticing details in things I referenced yesterday, so let’s play catch-up.

  • Regarding: Ryan North and David Malki ! fighting via the specialized medium of unflattering book covers, I neglected to note that both of these fine gentlemen have webcomics-related anniversaries going on. North observed yesterday:

    Hey you know what happened on Saturday? Saturday was February 1st 2014 ALSO KNOWN AS the eleven-year anniversary of Dinosaur Comics! Is that not nuts? It is ENTIRELY NUTS. When I started Dinosaur Comics on February 1st, 2003 I thought the comic would last a month, and at the end of that month I’d change the template to something involving astronauts. But then I ended up liking T-Rex and Dromiciomimus and Utahraptor and thought, “okay, maybe I’ll change templates every two months instead of every month”. And now here we are 11 years later! The moral is: changing templates is a lot of work that can be easily postponed, THE END.

    So congratulations to Ryan North on reaching the eleventh stripiversary (traditional gift: verified Twitter status). Meanwhile, Malki ! (perhaps due to a lack of self-confidence due to the fight with North) neglected the opportunity today to put up the 1000th Wondermark strip. See? Last Friday: number 999. Today: previously-seen artwork¹ that graced the front matter of Emperor of the Food Chain, the most recent Wondermark collection. Come on, David Malki !, give us strip number 1000! Do it for the children.

  • Regarding: the 90 year time jump in Stand Still, Stay Silent, I was entirely too focused on the time jump in question and did not look more carefully at Minna Sundberg’s demographic profile of Reykjavík after decades of pandemic:

    Population: 41 750
    Immunity rate: 11%

    Now granted, Iceland is not a large country, containing perhaps a third of a million people all told², the capital city containing on the order of 120,000 of those people. According to Sundberg, that population is a third of what it was at the start of the “rash illness”, even though they closed their borders almost immediately and likely came out better than any other nation on the planet. One little caption, so many deaths, and still the risk exists for 89% of those few. Good thing they’ve got geothermal power, so that the capital of the known world will have some semblance of technology remaining.

  • Regarding: I completely missed it yesterday, Drew Weing has a new webcomic! The Creepy Casefiles of Margo Maloo will update Mondays, and the first four pages are already live, tossing us headfirst into a young boy — perhaps ten or eleven years old³ — into a new city, a new home that is definitely haunted, and no small amount of complaining about those facts. Keep your eyes on this one, it’s likely to be a masterclass in comics creation.

¹ Make no mistake, it’s gorgeous and disturbing at the same time.

² By contrast, the county I live in has nearly three times the population, less than 1% of the geographical area, and 100% fewer volcanos, geothermal pools, and construction projects detoured by the presence of elves.

³ That’s the third eleven of this post. Weird.

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