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Who Can I Hit Up For Bail?

So today I’ve been dealing with IT Support at my company. An issue with my laptop¹ that I reported on Monday went back and forth for days, as the solution marked it would be best if you did this in the offices became oh you tried that and it blew things up, so you have to go to the office became oh you’re in the office and the original problem is triggering network security to quarantine your laptop became the laptop is no longer quarantined but you can’t recognize a working network became okay you can see the network again now try the fix we originally recommended.

The fix describes clicking on things that do not exist. The latest call resulted in Oh no you can’t do that yourself we have to do it by remote access to your laptop and wait where you are until you get an email from us.

I have burned literally all day on this, and though I now have network connection again, it is for the first time all day.

If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, it’s because I chucked this laptop out the window and then got myself arrested.

¹ Which took eight separate attempts to report, between phone lines that were never answered until they disconnected, an online system that timed out before I could type my description, and finally a live chat system that miraculously worked.

Bad for you, great for me… *takes notes, assembles clipart*

Knock yourself out. After I got the quarantine worked out, they told me to wait for an email … and waiting triggered another quarantine.

At home, and I have achieved the best possible case after today’s adventure: exactly where I was when I left the house this morning, laptop-wise.

Oh, that’s comedy gold… to anyone who didn’t have to go through it.

Latest update: the very high priority escalation for one of the “lots of local IT techs in your office” (who don’t actually exist) to fix network issues was assigned to an actually competent tech 22 hours later.

A tech located two states away from the office I was in.

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