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Update: Yep

Re: yesterday’s speculation if we’d see more mainstream creators doing extracurricular in-canon naughties, the answer appears to be yes.

“Walky Performs a Sex” did so amazingly well that Slipshine wants another one in a few months. So it’s gonna happen again!

I’m thinking of doing a Shortpacked!-based one this time around, as Dumbing of Age isn’t really full of currently-bangin’ couples at the moment. You can now start yelling at me really loudly to do Amber/Mike, Robin/Leslie, or Ethan/RandyMilholland’sDoppelganger or Ethan/DramafreeMcWhatshisname. You can, but I won’t promise I’ll listen. The heartdick wants what it wants.

In other news, it’s Goblin Week.

In other-other news, I will be attempting later today to fly home into a Winter Storm Warning. Fun!

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