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Yeah, No Net Access At The Gig

This is phone-submitted, so no pics. Heck, given the topic today, probably wouldn’t have been anyway.

I’m assuming that tout de webcomics now knows that David Willis followed up his one-year advance notice of discontinuing Shortpacked! with the only thing he possibly could, hardcore pornography. I may have buried the lede there a little.

Okay, in his latest Kickstarter, Willis opened the idea of drawing uncensored sexytimes, and with the Walky/Dorothy storyline progressing as it was, it seemed a good time to get those crazy kids all naked together. Thus, he (on short notice) announced that Slipshine would be hosting Walky Performs A Sex¹, a 17-page in-canon (but outside regular storyline) on-getting-it.

Hosting on Slipshine means revenue, especially since Slipshine doesn’t do per-item charges; the lowest amount of money you can give Slipshine if you’re not already subscribing is US$24.95 for one month, so the only question was how many new subscribers would Willis drive to the site? Three hours before the 10:00pm EST Sunday launch, the answer was 100:

Slipshine got 100 subscriptions in 1 day for the first time in its history! Thanks Dumbing of Age fans. Thumbing of Age fans.

Really respectable numbers, especially considering it was a record signup rate. Naturally, they continued to sign up after the launch:

huuh if we get 10 more subscriptions in the next half hour that’ll be 200 for the day. #howaboutthat

Spoiler alert, they did:

12am CST final tally: 208… thanks everybody :), thanks @tautologicaly, and THANNNNKS @damnyouwillis . Hope everyone enjoys themselves!

In other words, Willis (let’s just come right out and admit that the surge in subscriptions was entirely due to Willis) drove US$5200 to Slipshine, some portion of whom will become ongoing subscribers. Not bad for somebody not known for “teh pornz”. One wonders how much he could make with a printed copy (maybe Spike can share details on who does the Smut Peddler print jobs). In any event, the amount of untapped revenue to be made with naughty depictions of not-that-kind-of-naughty characters is significant enough, I’d expect to see others repeating the experiment.

¹ The actual title is much, much longer². I ain’t typing all that out on a phone.

² Hurr, hurr.

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