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A Thought Courtesy Of Dave Kellett

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Just something to keep in mind as best you can. Let’s finish this up and send y’all off for a weekend of, hopefully, kindness.

  • Today marks 14 years of Sam Brown’s Exploding Dog. It’s tough enough to keep comics going with characters (except for Red Robot #C-63) and plots, but to rely upon short phrases from your readers to drive the artwork? That’s a crazy monster-level of daring and skill right there. Happy anniversary, Sam.
  • Following up on our earlier mention of Dean Trippe’s Something Terrible Kickstarter, the totals have passed 300% of goal, but that’s not good enough. You may recall that we discussed the possibility of hardcovers for ST, and Trippe has announced that the physical books will get hard covers at US$22,000 and as of this writing the total is at … US$19,535, with a little more than three weeks to go. Let’s get on that, people — the quality of your reward will leap if you can convince just a few more people to join in.
  • As long as we’re on Kickstarter, I’ll mention the campaign for Rod Salm’s first Death At Your Door collection. We’ve mentioned DAYD on occasion over the past few years, but I confess that I missed the Kickstarter going up a couple of days ago. Fortunately, Mr Salm for dropping a note in the comments to let me know so thanks for that and mea culpa.

    One should note that the DAYD campaign has set an extremely modest goal of CDN$700, meaning that the usual Fleen Fudge Factor may not apply — but just in case it does, the is presently predicting a final total of CDN$700 to CDN$1400, or 100% to 200% of goal. Everybody feel good for Rod Salm!

Okay, that’s it. Be kind.

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