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Big Damn Number

Just before Thanksgiving, the to-date total of Child’s Play stood at US$20 million and I gave them a 50/50 chance of clearing US$25 million by the end of 2013’s campaign. Honestly, though, I thought it was a stretch; it would require the year’s take to be in the neighborhood of US$7.5 million, or about half again 2012’s total, or an amount greater than that raised from 2003 to 2009 inclusive.

Drum roll, please:

Our final fundraising total for 2013 is an astonishing $7.6 million.

The bulk of our donations don’t come in the form of huge grants: the millions are made up of the $10, $20, $50 donations. They come from game marathons, golf tournaments, eBay auctions, and bake sales. They come from the incredible community that makes the tag line “Gamers give back” an understatement. [boldface original]

By the way, that’s up from US$5.7 million just four days prior. So let’s update the numbers, then:

2003: $250,000
2004: $310,000
2005: $605,000
2006: $1,024,000
2007: $1,300,000
2008: $1,434,377
2009: $1,780,870
2010: $2,294,317
2011: $3,512,345
2012: $5,085,761
2013: $7,600,000
To date: $25,196,670

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