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Holiday Comic Roundups

Anybody that reads comics online knows that when Kate Beaton goes home to Nova Scotia, the comics that result are always gold — heartfelt, hilarious, occasionally bizarre, and always featuring the inadvertent comedic stylings of her mum and da.

In case you missed them as they hit Twitter over the past ten days or so, Beatonmas Comics 2013 are collected for you on Beaton’s Tumblr in five very tall roughly chronological sections. Go read them now.

Every year, Jess Fink’s in-laws hold Jessmas a few days before Christmas, as Fink isn’t able to spend Christmas Day with them. Taking a lead from Beaton, this year’s Jessmas made it into comic form as well and if there are fewer of them than of the Beatons, there’s about 100% more contextless mentions of vagina so that’s all right. Go read them now.

Perhaps feeling that the west coast was underrepresented, David Malki ! got into the famiy holiday comic-making game as well, with a series featuring Earth’s feistiest grandma. Go read them now.

All told, that’s about 100 comics to tide you over until next year; if you have trouble waiting that long, just go back to one of those links on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and read one update each time. And if you draw comics, maybe grab a Moleskine or two when you head home next.

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