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And With The New Year Upon Us, New Comics

There’s a pair of longrunners on semi-hiatus right now; I say semi-hiatus because there’s no question that the webcomics in question will be back, and because there are updates occurring in the meantime.

  • On the one hand, the return of Bobbins continues in lieu of Bad Machinery, and it’s the same town and same timeline, but featuring characters we’ve not seen in a dog’s age (Hi, Len! Hi, Tim!). We’ll be back to the youth-sleuths soon enough, and in the interim seeing the end of Amy’s pregnancy is a treat.
  • On the other hand, a dun-dun-dunnnnn declaration wrapped up volume 13 of Girl Genius on Friday, and creators Professoressa & Professor Foglio are taking a break to get the second half of the Girl Genius saga¹ in shape and in the meantime they’ve got Christopher Baldwin doing a fill-in story from the first Girl Genius radio play. All the details are found at Girl Genius today, except for one, which Baldwin shared with us last week, on the occasion of the Spacetrawler bonus story wrapping up.
  • Namely, in addition to the Girl Genius story, Baldwin is launching a new sci-fi webcomic today, One Way by name, at both (for those of you with clicking habits) as well as at (which will be more in the way of its official home). With one update to its credit, One Way is already clearly exhibiting the two elements that have been used to describe it: sci-fi (space ships, zero gravity, serious looking people in serious uniforms) and gag strip (gotta say, that punchline surprised me).

    Spacetrawler started that way and became pretty heavy in and around the laughs, but we knew it was going to be tragic from the beginning; come to think of it, Starslip did the same, and Drive had had more than a bit of serious mixed in. We’ll see which way One Way goes soon enough, I expect; I also expect that it’ll be really good.

  • Aaaannd not really fitting into the theme of the day at all, something I’m adding here mostly so I remember it: Danielle Corsetto announced her first public appearances of 2014, including the weather-delayed Bmore Into Comics this Saturday in Baltimore, and then two weeks later on Saturday the 18th at Wild Pig Comics in Kenilworth, New Jersey. See you there, Danielle!

¹ You read that correctly — thirteen volumes, or approximately 2000 pages of comics, comprise the first half of the overall story. Prof. Foglio has been noted to remark that a breakpoint is necessary, perhaps a renumbering to volume 1 again, to keep from scaring off new readers. I expect that when Girl Genius returns to Agatha and company in March, it’ll be an ideal time for those that haven’t developed favorite Heterodyne stories to jump in easily.

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