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To Do: Brine Bird, Wax Rhapsodically Re: DDDs

Dwarrow by Diaz.

Much to get done in preparation for tomorrow, with its mirth and cheer and (maybe my house only) marathon of Doctor Who Christmas episodes¹.

But before any of that, I get to see, at long last, the new Hobbit movie at the theater that will bring booze to your seat and does not allow under-21s at all (certain auditoria there do allow under-18s with adult accompaniment; it’s glorious).

I suspect that I will enjoy a movie that I have waited roughly 35 years to see, but in truth I require nothing more from The Desolation of Smaug is for it to be a DDD — a dwarf delivery device. However, the opinions of those I know whose tastes I can map to my own, or whose Tolkien scholarship I trust implicitly lead me to believe that this movie will be far more than a mere DDD.

This is ironic, because in the other field where I trust Aaron Diaz’s scholarship (paleontology) and movies are also made that can be described as DDDs (this time, dinosaur delivery devices), I have less hope for transcendence; hell, I didn’t even see the third JP because it was apparent that mere DDD was all the filmmakers were shooting for.

In conclusion, whatever D you may be interested in², Aaron Diaz is your point of reference and may be trusted in all things, the end.

¹ For the record, this was my wife’s idea. I believe I married her in anticipation of this moment.

² Behave, you.

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