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Cancel All Other Plans, I Now Have Something More Important To Do

Git to reading, or we're not friends anymore.

Guys. Guys. I don’t know how your Christmas week is going, but as of right now, mine is going great. And by great, I mean full-on creepy and existentially dreadful because I got my copy of Broodhollow Book 1 in the mail and it is so good.

So, in case you hadn’t gotten me a present yet, here is what I want — share this story with me. Start reading Broodhollow from the beginning, if you haven’t previously, and then go to his store and give Kris Straub some money so that he will continue to make Broodhollow. You can get a digital edition now, and I’ll wager that in the not-too-distant future¹, you’ll be able to obtain this handsome volume for your bookshelf, where it will proceed to scare the bejabbers out of your other books. I’m sorry if you were particular attached to the bejabbers of your other books, but that’s just how these things work.

On the off chance that:

  1. you have been reading Broodhollow
  2. you have already given Kris Straub your money
  3. your other books still require some de-bejabbering

May I recommend you step outside of webcomics for a spell and check out Rachel Rising by Terry Moore? Dude’s been self-publishing for decades now, with the absolutely stellar relationship-meets-mob-enforcers Strangers In Paradise and the techno-espionage thriller Echo. Rachel just adds to his genre-hopping, as it deals with a little case of demonic assault on a small town, no big.

Compared to Broodhollow’s interior dread, Rachel is more exterior in its scares (if you take my meaning), but between the two of them, they represent the very best of fright-oriented comics², and what more could you ask for in these days of long nights and wintry chills³?

Rachel (and Echo, and Strangers) is available in print collections or at comiXology, and it gets my highest possible recommendation. Everything I said up there about giving Straub your money also goes for Moore. Now if you’ll excuse me, I still have one or two bejabbers that need removing.

¹ That is, once the Kickstarter orders have been sent.

² In all likelihood to be joined by The Sleep of Reason, once I get a chance to read it.

³ Northern hemisphere only.

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