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Computer Power Supply: Replaced

Man, there’s nothing like that grinding fan noise that says Forget about getting any work done over this racket, I am just waiting for you to turn your back before I burst into flame and destroy all I can. Oh, wait, yes there is and it’s the hand damage that’s built into the act of disconnecting and reconnecting a bunch of Molex connectors. Love the secure fit, hate the blood that is inevitably drawn.

Let’s finish up the week on some cool news, ‘kay? Mike Holmes, cartoonist¹, main artist on the Bravest Warriors comic series², is also known for his self portraits in the styles of various artists, Miknessess. Today he got a little attention at one of the science-themed blogs at NPR, handled by RadioLab³ co-host Robert Krulwich. Titled One Man. One Cat. Multiplied, there’s not much here from a science angle, but Krulwich knows as well as anybody that sometimes, you just gotta run some cartoony self-portraits in the style of Hergé, Watterson, Larson and more.

In case you’ve never checked out the Mikenesses (and I’ve been remiss in not mentioning them before today), now’s a good time. There’s about 100 of them, there’s a new one this week in the style of Hope Larson that’s really great. If you like what you see, might you be inclined to download the first collection of Mikenesses, 100 styles in all, at Gumroad for five measly bucks? I think you might.

Okay, weeekend now. Also holiday times coming up, so there may be somewhat fewer entries until the new year. Be good.

¹ As opposed to Mike Holmes, contracturally-sleeveless Canadian building contractor with his own bobblehead.

² I haven’t been able to find issue #15 this week, nobody spoil it for me.

³ Everybody loves RadioLab except, inexplicably, Rene Engström. Minus one point on her awesomeness score, leaving her a total of … 239,837, well above the threshold score for One of the Best People status (15).

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