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Race To The Finish

How the hell did it get to be December already? End-of-year madness is coruscating around us, and before you know it, it’s Aught-Fourteen and we’re all a year older. Man.

  • If I’ve done my sums correctly, this weekend will feature the fourth annual Webcomics Rampage in Austin, Texas, and the largest one yet. Sixteen creators! Three days! Rampages! Well, okay, there are Canadians coming, so it’s probably going to be a very polite rampage. That being said, Dragon’s Lair has developed a reputation for putting together a fun, relaxed (for creators and attendees alike) event, and if you’re anywhere in the warm regions of the country from Friday to Sunday, you could do worse than to meet some neat people and hear some interesting thoughts on the writing, art, and business of webcomics. Tell everybody I said hi.
  • A big part of the end of the year is that people frequently wish to give gifts to others, in celebration of whichever cultural signifier they find most familiar. Keep in mind that you’re not the only person to do wish to do this and until every vendor has its own fleet of ill-advised delivery drones, you’re going to have to rely on various forms of shipping services, which increases your lead time somewhat.

    Obviously, it’s not possible to link you to every shipping calendar out there, but in the past I’ve found TopatoCo’s to be a good indicator of lead times. Naturally, these dates only apply to items coming from their internet amusement vendory, and you should check with whomever you’re ordering from, and if you’re requiring any number of international borders to be crossed, might want to get that order in yesterday.

  • I wasn’t going to point out any particular CyberMonday™¹ merch launches or sales; suffice it to say that most creators are either putting new stuff up, offering discounts, or both. But then I saw that the Penny Arcade dress-code compliant arm, First Party, were launching a nice leather belt today and you know what? I need a belt.

    But I won’t be getting the First Party belt. Know why? Here’s why:

    The belts are 1 1/4 inches wide and available in three sizes:

    – Small – 43 inches long
    – Medium – 45 inches long
    – Large – 47 inches long

    Forty-three inches. That’s 109 cm for those of you in the rest of the world. Okay, granted, I’m a bit on the thin side, but I wrapped a tape measure through my belt loops, and 43 inches goes all the way around and touches the outside edge of one of my back pockets.

    I realize that I may not represent the median cohort in modern garment sizing, and for all I know videogamers may have the same needs for traditional belt sizing as Trekkers. But skinny-ass nerds need clothing too, and I thought a company with once-and-future skinny-ass nerds as a core audience demographic might have been able to hook me up. Time for a Christmas Carol-style trip to the past for everybody at First Party, so they can remember their own pasts as skinny-ass nerds.

    Either that or it’s a typo, in which case we cool.

¹ I hate that term.

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