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Will Miracles Never Cease

Three of them, in fact.

  • Miracle the First: Paul Taylor is the first person in comics history to correctly depict a nasal cannula. That’s the oxygen tube that goes in the nose, as opposed to more high-delivery methods like masks¹. Every. Friggin’. Time. I’ve ever read a comic (book, strip, web, whatever) that featured somebody getting oxygen, they’ve gotten the nasal wrong:
    • it doesn’t shove one tube up one nostril leaving the other empty
    • it doesn’t end in two prongs shoved in the two nostrils, hanging down like some long, hollow booger
    • it doesn’t clip to the nose

    It does exactly what Taylor has drawn: form a closed loop with two prongs in the middle that go in the nostrils, and the tubing itself is draped over the ears and snugged up under the chin to keep everything in place. From today forward, proclaim that there is never reason to get this one wrong again.

  • Miracle the Second: Six of the extremely talented and personable folks at Periscope Studio have banded together, like Voltron, to bring justice to the galaxy print up a series of art books, and you can support ’em over at Kickstarter. A pledge of as little as US$5 will get you PDFs of all six books (from Ron Randall, Paul Guinan, David Hahn, Natalie Nourigat, Benjamin Dewey, and Erika Moen — who yesterday survived largely unscathed² a rather scary auto-vs-bike collision that scared the crap out of me from 5000 km away and which we will dub Miracle the Second and a Half). Naturally, higher pledge levels get you physical comics of breathtaking beauty and vision, so make with the pledging.
  • Miracle the Third: So yesterday when I went down the list of Thought Bubble attendees, I noted the attendance of Nicholas Gurewitch of the long-hiatused, much-beloved Perry Bible Fellowship and thought to myself, Man, I hope he’s working on something new.

    Ask and ye shall receive: Gurewitch tweet-announced a new animated short that he wrote and directed, featuring death, destruction, and a cameo by one Zachary T Paleozogt. It’s hilarious, but you knew that would be the case.

¹ Of which there are several types, which we need not go into here.

² I’m giving at least partial credit to the incredible shape that Moen is in due to her pole-based acrobatic skills, and partial credit to the fact that she’s a force of nature and cannot be defeated by mortal instruments.

“Paul Taylor is the first person in comics history” – I did it nineteen days ago:

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