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Airport Bound

I have to wrap up things with the client and then head to the airport, which means I am missing pretty much all the ComfyCon events (which are kicking off about now) for the day. Don’t be like me.

The easiest way to derive some webcomic-related joy out of a ComfyCon-less existence is to obsessively re-read the long-awaited Monster of the Week update dealing with the greatest hour of ’90s television, Jose Chung’s “From Outer Space”. I managed to mis-calculate when this would appear by two months and one week on past occasions, but it’s here now motherscratchers, and it’s glorious. Realizing that no one person could do justice to JCFOS, MoW creator Shaenon Garrity has turned curator, inviting thirteen comickers to each take a panel and get to the emotional heart of the episode. Lord Kinbote, Alex Trebek, Jesse “The Body” Ventura, Scully’s many great lines, Mulder’s pie rampage, and the bleepin’ sheriff with the bleepin’ vocabulary all get their due. It was worth the wait.

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