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Some Things To Consider

It’s Events Day at the Fleen Ranch, so break out the dayplanner and gas up the car, you got some places to be. While you’re waiting for the tank to fill and the GPS to get your directions together, Rich Stevens dropped some wisdom last night, followed by the mic. Check it:

Do you want to make webcomics?

OK, great. You need two traits. One or the other, you will fail at my definition of webcomics in the professional sense.

1.) You need to find joy in variations on a theme, even if the theme is “your imagination.” You will hopefully be doing this task thousands and thousands of times. Enjoy it, love it, do it for the right reasons.

2.) You will need a gleeful, hateful, beautiful endurance. Avoid drama and destroy all your enemies by being solidly there for your fans. Save your heckling for the graves of misogynists.

The end. [boldface original]

Something to ponder while you make your way around the country.

  • The every-three-years Festival of Cartoon Art kicks off tomorrow in Columbus, Ohio on the campus of Ohio State; the formal festival is full up, but some associated events have individual admission tickets still available, at the FCA page linked just above. One thing that’s sold out entirely will be the STRIPPED screening; just think: three years ago STRIPPED co-creator Dave Kellett did a keynote presentation, which opened doors for a lot of the interviews in the movie he’s now sharing … what new project will the screening enable? For those of you (including me) not able to attend the FCA this year (which is pretty much the entire world, minus the 275 registrations that the FCA allows), time to start making plans for Fall, 2016.
  • While you’re making those plans for 2016 (or maybe 2019), maybe head east on I-70 for a few hours to Pittsburgh, where our old friend The Toonseum will be holding its third Bad Movie Night tomorrow at 7:00pm; as is tradition, the name of the movie will not be announced until the audience is seated and unable to escape. Admission is US$10 (five bucks for members) and the event is 18 and up.
  • Rumblings have been made on the nets that serial troublemakers Danielle Corsetto and Randy Milholland may be about to spring a new iteration of ComfyCon on an unsuspecting world. The original ComfyCon, as you may recall, took place last year during San Diego Comic Con, for those creators and fans that could not (or perhaps would not) attend the much more hectic show by the Pacific Ocean; taking place online, it was well received by all concerned.

    ComfyCon II: The Comfying is still on for this weekend, and the quiet launch will make it all the more exciting when we see all involved, both event- and people-wise. Notifications may come with short lead times, so follow the twitters of your favorite webcomickers to be sure not to miss anything.

  • Finally, what’s likely the last webcomics-related event of the calendar yet, Webcomics Rampage 2013 rolls into Austin Texas early next month, with an all-new, all-larger, all-louder THREE! THREE! THREE! days of webcomics maaaaayheeemmmmm.
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