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Thursdays, Bleah

Let me just point you at some things worth seeing.

  • I can’t tell if this is a brilliant piece of performance art, or just somebody that needs a good punch — an Indiegogo campaign to fund a Kickstarter campaign. It claims to be in the Comic category, which could be comic as in funny ha ha or as in comics Hard to tell, since at present, they ain’t saying what the Kickstarter campaign would actually be for.
  • At least three of the nominees for the Goodreads Best Books of 2013 (Humo[u]r) are webcomics-adjacent. That’s a full 20%, which far outstrips the percentage of webcomics-adjacent books in the wider marketplace. Guess webcomics types are just inherently statistically funnier than everybody else.
  • Regarding yesterday’s account of media companies screwing indy creators: I was contacted today by a webcomicker (no names) who related the tale of a friend who was asked to design and produce — that is, pay for — jackets for a major sutdio’s next release in a big-name franchise. Not just work for free, but lay out cash in exchange for a credit as costume designer.

    Last I heard, costumer designer was a job, aka something that people get paid to do, not pay for the privilege of doing. Hey, production goon that thinks this is an acceptable way of dealing with creative people so you might save budget for that hookers-and-coke line item: fuck you. I hate you and everything you stand for¹.

  • Let’s end on an up note. My copy of The Bear Volume 2 arrived, and it’s as wonderful as you might expect. Ryan Sohmer again skillfully negotiates between snarktacularity and sincerity, and Becky Dreistadt delivers up the most gorgeous paintings of parent-and-child critters. My favorite is right at the beginning of the book because ahem, greyhound. As Sohmer notes, he’s now got twins at home in addition to the eldest son that inspired the first two Bear books, so hopefully he’s inspired to keep cranking out the parental experiences and gettin’ Becky to keep painting the critters.

¹ And by that, I mean that you should ideally find yourself in the bleakest of all possible circumstances: pinned underneath a broken snowmobile on the endless, frozen wastes of the Arctic tundra. At night, the ice weasels come.²

² Bleakest possible circumstances devised by Matt Groening a couple of decades ago in the run of Life is Hell, which I miss dearly.

I’m pretty sure the Indiegogo/Kickstarter thing is meant to be a joke, e.g.
1) The first 30 seconds of the video is this dude laughing at how ridiculous the concept is.
2) Verbatum-
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