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It’s A Babypocalypse In Webcomicsland

It’s just like squirrels; if you see one, there’s probably others lurking around.

¹ Not to mention unlikely to be duplicated once he ends up in class with all the Jadens and Jaydens and Jaedons.

² He doesn’t do a webcomic, but the Maximum Fun empire is a client of Mr I Am Made of Poison, and he has followed the independent creator give it away/monetize the back end model for years, so he counts.

I wanted to confirm that yes, his name is indeed Montgomery Ironwill. And yeah, we really didn’t want him to be lost in a sea of Liams, Noahs, Ethans, Masons and Jacobs.
As for the Webcomic Baby Boom of 2013ish, there’s also Gina Biggs over the summer, and Jamie Noguchi in the Coming Soon department. I know there’s more, just can’t put my finger on them (also some more artists that do comics stuff but not always on the web, too).

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