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Oh Zach Weinersmith, you scamp, you’re always making me look at things differently.

  • Speaking of changes in perspective, there’s a crackerjack recap by Hurricane Erika of the talk she gave at this year’s XOXO Fest. Part bio, part perspective on life as an independent artist, part look to the future. The thing about Erika is, every time I read one of her comics, I learn something about somebody else — how they view the world, what their experiences are, how they’re different from me. I am utterly convinced that her work has made me more empathetic than I would have been otherwise. Hell, she (with co-conspirator Jeff Parker) turned a member of a feared and despised subculture into a sympathetic character without even divulging her name. She’s smart, she’s humane, and you should give it a listen.
  • For reasons unknown even to myself, today’s Achewood made me think on my favorite character, Mr Cornelius Bear¹, and I got to wondering how long it had been since we’d seen him with his young paramour, Polly. Answer: It has been five years (almost exactly) since today’s sentence, the whirlwind of attraction and the dinner party at Ray’s. It has been more than four years since last we saw mention of Polly, a strip that led directly to the most Mexican Magical Realism adventure of all time, Todd’s foray into North Korea. Lots of things have changed in the four years since, but Chris Onstad’s ability to delight is not one of them.

¹ Naturally, except for Ramses Luther Smuckles, who kicks men’s asses and votes

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