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Webcomics On Five Dollars A Day

Today’s about value for your discretionary spending dollar.

  • The webcomicsosphere chatter fairly exploded over the weekend with praise for a very short comic (18 pages, including covers, afterword, and 14 nearly-wordless pages) by longtime creator Dean Trippe. Something Terrible is about something terrible that happened to Trippe, how it affected him, and (not to put too fine a point on it) how he was saved by his son and Batman.

    It’s a devastatingly honest work, a very public piece that says This happened to me, it became a part of me, but it’s not who I am. For 99 cents, you can download Something Terrible from Sellfy, and when you’re done reading it, you’re going to be in the mood to support Trippe’s comic-making, so maybe donate a bit more via his own webcomic’s page — or better yet, grab a print of his previously-released print, You’ll Be Safe Here.

  • Now while I wouldn’t go back and not read Something Terrible, I have a feeling that (like me) you might be in the mood for a shift of tone. How about we trade adult-and-serious for adult-and-hilarious? Fleen fave K Brooke “Otter” Spangler has many fine wares in her Internet Shoppery but we’re on a budget so we’re heading to Amazon instead for her PDF-only pulp novel, The Russians Came Knocking, starring her technologically-augmented Federal agent slash manwhore, Josh Glassman. Obligatory disclaimer, Otter’s a good friend of mine, and she just might have put in the bit about the squirrels after my run-ins with the brush-tailed little bastards, and for that I will love her forever. That’s another 99 cents, so we’re just under two bucks in our buying trip.
  • Having made it throgh TRCK¹, your laugh muscles may be warmed up enough for a pro-level workout, and the sexiest man in webcomics² is going to provide it. Brad Guigar has recorded his infamous laugh as a ringtone for your phone. Three ringtones, in fact, including the laugh courtesy of the infamous episode #76 of Webcomics Weekly when a troublemaking Skype locked into a loop of Guigar’s laugh-chuckle³ and nearly killed Kris Straub and Scott Kurtz. It’s US$2.99 for the three ringtones, meaning that we’re at a grand total of US$4.97 and you’ve got three shiny pennies to buy candy with.

    Or, alternately, you could go make your own money via memefication, with bonus points for ensuring that the webcomic creator gets none of it.

¹ And one must remember that around Josh, the verb knocking takes on a particular meaning, as in knocking boots or knocking shop.

² I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Mrs Guigar is a lucky, lucky woman.

³ The madness starts around 7:45.

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