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All abord the good ship HOMESTUCK.

I don’t know where you are, but here in the Greater New York City Proximity Zone, it’s about as gorgeous a day as one could hope for. Why the heck am I inside at a keyboard? Let’s look towards the near future and hope the weather lasts forever.

  • As seen over the summer in San Diego, Oni Press had copies (both hardcover and soft) of the first themed Diesel Sweeties reprint collection, I’m A Rocker, I Rock Out. The hardcovers are now available in advance of next week’s worldwide release via the very sexy Mr Stevens, and will come in one of three flavors: Plain, Signed, or Signed And Personalized. All three variants feature free shipping from now until next Friday, and all go for the same price of US$40. For those with a slightly restricted budget, the softcovers will be available starting next week, and have a really nice fold-over flappy deal on the front and back covers, complete with a blurb from John Allison¹.
  • For those that like to give a book’s pages a good riffling-through prior to purchase, good news! Next week will see the release to brick-and-mortar stores of Ryan North’s To Be Or Not To Be, some 15,000 copies of which already exist in the wild thanks to the fulfillment of orders from the Kickstarter campaign, which is just about done. If you don’t have your copy yet, that’s all down to the efficiencies of various shipping services and possibly the interference of governmental agents.

    But lots of people didn’t know how awesome Ryan North is when the Kickstarter launched last November, and it would be a shame for them to miss out on Hamlet as it should have been, so make sure you tell everybody you know that TBORTB is worth their time, if only for the amazing illustrations; if they choose a poor pathway that leads to them reaching a bad ending where the book dubs them a TURBOCHUMP, try not to make too much fun of them.

  • Nobody is as impatient or willing to throw quantities of money at their Living God as the fans of Andrew Hussie; earlier today TopatoCo let us know that Homestuck volume 3 is imminent, going so far as to show us exactly where copies were: off the coast of Baja California aboard the cargo ship Cosco Venice.

    As of the time of this writing, Cosco Venice is now further southest, approximately in the latitude of Guadalajara, and given the pace it’s made, it’s got perhaps another two days to the Panama Canal, then it gets to wait in line, dodge a few whales, take some number of days until it hits whichever US port it’s headed for, then clear customs before ground shipping to TopatoCo’s World Operations Headquarters. Even given the worst possible case for each of those, it seems pretty likely that your favorite Homestuck can have volume 3 in time for their year-end holiday of choice. Hooary, Trollmas is saved!

¹ Mr Allison will be making a rare jaunt across the Atlantic for SPX next weekend, so if you get your softcover quickly enough, you can get his own Bad Machinery volume 1, which features fold-over flappy deals and a blurb by Rich Stevens. It’s the ouroboros of blurbs!

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