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Friday afternoon, hooray. Here are some places you may want to go or things that you may want to pay attention to.

  • William Tallman”¹ has announced some changes at Reptilis Rex², which should result in a bolder, more experimental strip:

    [T]he next few weeks will see some changes in Reptilis Rex. Firstly, the schedule will be changing from “Monday –- Thursday” to “Sporadic!” I added the exclamation point in there to soften the blow. Did it work? Hooray!!!! Part of the reason for this is because my family is going to be growing by one in the next few months, and I know that, for a while at least, time will be a commodity I simply don’t have enough of. Like money, or self esteem! Secondly, (and this is the stretching legs part), I wanted to try out a larger format, and that means more work, which means not-so-daily updates. But it is my hope that the expanded format will allow me to tell bigger, better stories. My goal is to update at least twice a week with double-sized strips …

    We at Fleen dig Reptilis Rex big time, and getting the story in bigger (albeit less frequent) chunks should allow “Tallman” some interesting storytelling possibilities. Now if only he hadn’t ended up such a terrible cliffhanger today, with Snive (or “Robert” as he prefers to be called when in mammal drag, but I think he looks more like a “Greg”), coming to a crisis point. He’s been on the verge of breaking away from Krel for some time, and he may have finally achieved that in the worst possible way. Sure, Krel on the surface is an impotent, incompetent, self-important bully, but he used to be a hated dictator with power and perhaps a taste for genocide. How he might react to Snive’s anger is … terrifying, actually.

  • New Achewood, second in the space of a week. It’s a flashback to the Small Times of Ray and Beef, but I am cautiously optimistic.
  • Ignatz Award nominations out, with the most indy-oriented wing of comics coming together to honor its own (as is not uncommon with the Ignatzen, there is little to no overlap with the other major awards). Good luck to all the nominees, especially those for Outstanding Online Comic: Annie Szabla, Ken Dahl & Gabby Schulz, Sam Alden, Gabrielle Bell, and Jillian Tamaki. The Ignatz Awards will be handed out at SPX next month.
  • Freelancers! Want to help make it harder for the bozos who (inadvertently) contribute to the content of For Exposure? Answer some questions for Katie Lane of Work Made For Hire and you can help set the expectation that your work is worth money:”

    If you freelance will you take a moment and help fill out this sheet on what your rates are?

    I want to use it as a resource for people who might ask for free work. They can look at the sheet & realize, “Oh! I can afford that.”

    Or, alternatively, “Oh, I didn’t realize I was asking for $3000 worth of work!”

    My modest suggestion? Take the free out of freelance. It may sound silly the first thousand times people call themselves feelancers, but the idea that there’s a fee associated with your effort is a notion worth sounding silly for.

¹ Who, as my previous research has conclusively proved, is actually David Willis.

² And goodness, has it really been running for 18 months and I’ve neglected to add it to the blogroll over yonder to the right? Time to fix that.

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