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From Now On I’m Carrying This Instead Of A Sketchbook To Cons

Dammit I know there's a way to win the chess game I need more than four places for this bookmark.

Lagies and jenglefens, I have at long last my copy of To Be Or Not To Be A Chooseable-Path Adventure by Ryan North, William Shakespeare, and YOU (hereafter TBoNTB). While I understand that it is necessary that somebody be the last to have their book go in the mail (especially when there are more than 14,000 books to be sent), but given that shipping started a month ago I’ve been quietly getting more and more desperate for my copy.

I am just saying, had I opted to buy a copy of TBoNTB in San Diego, I could have gotten it signed by Brandon Bird, Tony Cliff, Evan Dahm, Lar DeSouza, Aaron Diaz, Becky Dreistadt, Meredith Gran, Christopher Hastings, Tyson Hesse¹, Mike Holmes, Andrew Hussie, Matthew Inman, Dave Kellett, Kazu Kibuishi, Braden Lamb, Sam Logan, David Malki !, Dylan Meconis, Carly Monardo, Ethan Nicolle, Shelli Paroline, Jon Rosenberg, Jeffrey Rowland, Andy Runton, Kris Straub, Zach Weinersmith, and Jim Zub, which would have been a modest headstart considering there are more than 40 other artists who contributed. But I didn’t and now I have years of artist-chasing to get the entire thing signed and that is okay Ryan we cool we can still be pals.

Instead of dwelling on it, I riffled the pages to a random story end illustration (by Faith Erin Hicks on page 582) and it is now my goal to read through TBoNTB however many times it takes to end up on that page. Spoiler alert, it features Ophelia doing something awesome but does not require her to stab hell of dudes. I also expect to find the book even more delightful than I did last year when Ryan North asked me to proof a not-quite-complete version of TBoNTB.

Oh, and according to the copyright page up front (I’m the guy that reads the copyright page), somewhere in TBoNTB will be found the lyrics to Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang which I note came out in 1979 which means that Ryan North has never lived in a world without Rapper’s Delight. I think this is the exact situation that Willie Shakes was describing when he wrote O, brave new world that has such tight rhymes in’t!.

¹ Who also illustrated the copy of Poor Yorick which I also received.

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