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Huh, New Achewood

Cornelius wasn't always this cranky, was he?

So it appears that the necessary stars have aligned with Chris Onstad’s brainmeats and selectively produced whichever bit of neurochemistry prompts the creation of Achewood, and there was … to be honest, scattered rejoicing. This is, after all, the first strip in 415 days, and only the 16th episode at all since the Ray In Rehab storyline started.¹

Not that I am complaining. I’ve written previously about how I try to regard Onstad’s schedule; it’s clear that whatever my desire for more Achewood may be, he has long since regarded his primary creative identity as something other than Achewood’s writer/artist. That’s cool; David Lynch doesn’t do comics very often, either². I’ll leave the indefinite hiatus descriptor over in the blogroll for a while yet, see if Achewood comes back on something resembling a schedule; if not, I’ll enjoy it whenever it drops. All I have to do is regard it as the webcomic with the waiting for the trade habit built in.

¹ On 23 November 2011, meaning that 16 strips have been spaced out over 625, or an average of one update every 39+ days, meaning that Aaron Diaz is pleasantly surprised to find he works faster than Onstad does.

² Or perhaps more aptly, Thomas Pynchon doesn’t give us novels very often.

But…more importantly, suddenly the store is back, with items. This says something to me.

Something good, lest that wasn’t made clear. Something better than “on the way to being taken down altogether.”

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