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Things That Are Inspiring, Beautiful, Uncomforable Truths, Confounding (In A Good Way) And Kickstarted

Click for the punchline.

I think I just set the record for the most convoluted title of an embloggenation event.

  • Inspiring: From R Stevens, a comic where the punchline precedes the rest of the strip and universal armageddon doesn’t look so bad.
  • Beautiful: Via a link I saw on Kurt Busiek’s Tumblr, a comic that muses on the nature and relative worth of questions and answers, and is perhaps the most lyrical explanation of the scientific method I’ve ever seen. Keep scrolling, it’s a good ‘un¹, and keep your eyes on the site of creator Kostas Kiriakakis, as there is some damn fine work there.
  • Uncomfortable Truth: Evan Dorkin on rejection; it’s too long to quote here, as I’d end up quoting the entire damn thing. Creative types, read it very carefully.
  • Confounding (In A Good Way) And Kickstarted: Brandon Bird sees the mundanities of life (like Law and Order reruns and Christopher Walken) a little differently than the rest of us; looking about the landscape, he decided that nothing could be more mundane than Sears² stores. Where other eyes skim past the ubiquitous, Bird sees a subject crying out for portraiture, and thus he has launched the most confounding (in a good way) artist’s journey I have yet heard tell of, Project: Sears, to travel the country and capture the essence of Sears:

    I guess I like the fact that Sears can be completely unique, while also being nearly indistinguishable from any other Sears in any other part of the country (the inherent contradiction of Sears).

    It’s about the point that the word “Sears” has been used so much that it’s beginning to lose all meaning in my brain. Sears, Sears, Sears, Sears, which is a pleasant enough state of cognitive dissonance. Plus if you follow the Kickstarter link, you can see a painting of a Sears that is seven feet long!³

¹ As opposed to Good Un.

² Or, more formally, Sears, Roebuck & Company, the 110+ year old department store chain and early purveyor of catalog shopping.

³ The painting, not the Sears itself.

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