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They’ve Been Busy

Guys, all my free time has been spent getting caught up on work from my two weeks away from work, so I’ve only found a little bit of news to share with you. The mad geniuses at Make That Thing have teamed up with the madder geniuses at A Softer World to Kickstart the fourth ASW collection, Let’s Do Something Wrong. Said campaign went up yesterday just late enough to not include it in my Kickstarter musings, it’s halfway to goal, and somewhere a bird-decorated photographer and a chess-playing maniac sit confident in the knowledge that they’ll get to make this book.

Miscellaneous things I noticed in conjunction with this campaign:

  • It is spare, almost spartan, in the reward structures, and the lack of announced stretch goals: you can get a PDF version of the new book, the new book in softcover or hardcover, in some combination of new plus prior books, and two tightly limited “experiential” rewards — Joey and Emily include you in the strip; Joey and Emily do a commentary track for your favorite movie. MTT knows how much it would suck to fall behind on delivering product, especially given recent high-attention KS flameouts, and so is limiting the campaign to what they can absolutely deliver on time. Bravo.
  • Today’s ASW is strip #999, so this is a perfect time to announce a print collection.
  • Going back to MTT for just a moment, I noticed that since their soft launch in/around the Machine of Death Game, this is the sixth project they’ve been involved with (the MoD Game, the Dresden Codak collection, the Surviving The World calendars) or directly owned as project creator (the Boxer Hockey frogs, the Sam & Fuzzy omnibus¹). Six projects in six months is pretty impressive, and with a total funding of nearly US$1.3 million, I can’t wait to see what they can do when they’re fully ramped up.

¹ Technically, that one’s by Make That Thing of Vancouver, BC instead of Make That Thing of Easthampton, MA. It’s the same people. Also, I saw the blanks for the S&F omni at San Diego; Sam Logan was getting a bicep workout just lifting the damn things. They’re huge.

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