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The First Day Back

That is, the first day back to work following an awesome vacation (thanks again, Portland!) kind of sucks. I’m buried beneath a pile of things that showed up while I was gone with an absolute deadline of three days ago, and my only refuge is webcomics.

  • Let’s start with some Big Round Numbers! Anybody that’s read this page for any amount of time should know by now that I loves me some A Girl And Her Fed by the inestimably awesome K Brooke “Otter” Spangler. Today, Ms Spangler hits the Big Round Number of 1000 strips, on Saturday she announced the general availability of her first pulp¹ e-book spinoff from AGAHF, The Russians Came Knocking², and yesterday was her birthday. Everybody feel good for Otter!
  • Know who else has a Big Round Number today? Jeph Jacques, one of the literal giants³ of our weird little medium has hit 2500 updates at Questionable Content. Oh, and you know who went to college with Jeph Jacques? K Brooke “Otter” Spangler, that’s who. Small world.
  • I mentioned to you last week that Christopher Baldwin’s Spacetrawler — which is barreling towards a conclusion that we knew from the first would be tragic — is presently Kickstarting its third (and final) print collection. What I want to mention to you today is that Baldwin is a clever, clever man. As the story is reaching its end, as we are waiting for the gut-punch that we know could happen at any time, Baldwin gives us a tease of today’s strip and directs us to the Kickstarter page to get the rest of it.

    I expect that the strip link will not show the redirect forever (once the campaign’s done, there’ll be no need), and this isn’t something that just anybody could get away with (Baldwin has not messed with his audience before so they aren’t feeling messed with, and it’s a serial story with a lot of stickiness so they will click through to Kickstarter), so it’s copied up top so you can see what being just a little bit — the right little bit — of evil looks like.

¹ That is, action/adventure with the sexytimes left in. Regular AGAHF fans will recognize plenty of sexytimes have been implied, but the written word’s inclusion of such allows for both more and less detail at the same time. Look, Otter’s a damn smart writer who has a damn good handle on these characters, and she’s funny as all hell. Go buy the e-book.

² Starring Josh; if you don’t know Josh, he’s awesome, a total man-whore, and awesome some more. Also, the references to squirrels as vermin that must be exterminated make Otter my best friend ever.

³ Seriously, he and Ryan North could totally dress up for Halloween as one of the big fights from Pacific Rim; I’ll leave it to you to determine which should be the ravening monster from another dimension and which one of them has little dudes all up inside.

Hey, Gary! I first did it for Bruno back in 2002 (the 6/13/02 post). People have been very understanding about it.

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