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Slightly Behind The Curve Scratch That, I Just Noticed This Is Post #2500, So Yay Me

See, the thing is, I’m on vacation in a city populated almost entirely with excellent food (much of it in carts), beer, public transport, and awesome people, and I am not online all day as I have things to do that involve interacting with excellent food (much of it in carts), beer, public transport, and awesome people. Between my phone and the basic netbook I have with me, some browsing and webcomic¹ and such, but I am likely horribly behind. I trust that you will adapt in some manner.

  • Ryan North has now shared what it was like to win an Eisner Award², but I don’t believe he has shown you what that Eisner Award looks like. Wonder no more, it’s right up there at the top of the page. You can click it for embiggening.
  • Zach Weinersmith announced (or perhaps “launched”) his latest Cool Thing during the rush of SDCC — in collaboration with the Bad Astronomer, Phil Plait, Weinersmith has an e-book of 128 (2^7) nerd insults, with illustrations lovingly supplied by the inimitable Jess Fink. Weinersmith mentioned to me in San Diego that they really wanted to do 2^8 disses, but that they couldn’t come up with a full 256. Anyway, you can get up in the grill of smart people for as little as one dollar.
  • Kris (Straub) and Scott (Kurtz) have, as previously mentioned, done up a Mappy series of animated shorts for ShiftyLook, the first of which is now online. It’s difficult to watch with the resources I have at hand, but it’s definitely got the feel of Blamimations³, so that’s all right.

Below the cut, the best remaining cosplay photos from the con: Toki and Murderface, a Plants vs Zombie zombie, and Attack on Titan trainee Sasha “Potato Girl” Brause.

He had the stagger down cold.

¹ Sorry, Holly. In San Diego Holly Rowland, TopatoCo VP of Kicking Your Ass and Supreme Fulfillatrix of Make That Thing declared that the term webcomics is wrong and bad and wrong again and she felt like setting anybody that uses it on fire. We at Fleen are on record as being sympathetic to this view, but sometimes it’s just the most compact term available for use. I have now spent an entire paragraph explaining why it was more efficient to use a single bad word rather than two or three useful good words like “indy comics” or “creator owned comics”. I’m efficient like that.

² And also what it is like to get rescued from the grasping sea by a hunky lifeguard. Then again, a lifeguard would have to be pretty darn hunky to rescue a Ryan-sized man.

³ A name which has always evoked for me a feeling of nostalgia for Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, even though I know that Blamimations do not feature marionettes at all.

Wait, what’s wrong with “webcomics”?

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