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Coming To You From 10,000 Meters Due Up

If all is working correctly, I am on a flight from Newark to San Francisco, and thence to San Diego as this post goes live. This will also serve as a reminder that I’ll be on Pacific Daylight Time for the next while, and postings may be later than you are used to. Then again, I may just post throughout the day rather than try to stick to one update per day, so come back here regular-like and you’ll be fine.

  • In the now-ish timeframe, I am thrilled to report that Kris Straub’s Broodhollow Kickstarter cleared goal around the six hour mark, is already knocking down stretch goals, and is trending high on Kicktraq¹. Speaking of spooktacular Kickstarts, Abby Howard’s campaign for The Last Halloween is in its final minutes and may well hit the US$130,000 mark. The C and the D could not be any more cranked.
  • Also happening roughly now, Paul Southworth recently spent some time drawing people that responded to him on his Twitterfeed, and is now opening the opportunity up to all:

    Digital Cartoon Portrait Studio’ is open for business! Digital cartoon portraits starting at $35.

    Speaking as the owner of a Southworth original (from the Ugly Hill days), that’s a frickin’ bargain. If you get a portrait from him, see if you can talk him into including the Eyes of Liquid Rage.

  • The Cartoon Art Museum will again be hosting some of the greatest talents in comics at their SDCC home, booth #1930, and will also again be hosting the CAM Sketch-A-Thon. For a suggestion donation of just ten bucks you can get a drawing from your favorite creator! Preliminary schedule now up on the CAM website, although circumstances may require last-minute changes, so check back there regularly.

¹ Obligatory disclaimer: the early Kicktraq predictions are wildly higher than almost any project will actually make good on; give it another 24 hours and apply the Fleen Fudge Factor and we’ll have an idea where it’s headed.

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