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Now With Added Math

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We’ve mentioned a lot of webcomic-centric people and events at SDCC 2103 over the past week or so, and there’s still things to mention.

In other news:

  • Question of the Ages: Just how much do people like porn? Possible answer, going by the relative amounts raised by the Smut Peddler (porn) and Sleep of Reason (not porn) Kickstarts, run by the same person and featuring many of the same creators: the porn raised US$83,100 and the not-porn raised US46,925, meaning that people preferred porn by a ratio of approximately 1.77:1.

    Another way to look at things? Using the same more-money-raised-means-bigger-bonuses-for-creators scheme, porn makers got paid an extra US$650 to not-porn makers getting US$300 or a 2.17:1 incentive the next time your favorite creator is wondering what the next project should be.

  • Finally, a quick note that Fleen should be completing its transition to new hosting this weekend; if you notice anything broken, you can be sure to let me know. Also, I’d like to thank Brad Guigar for putting up a WordPress Newbies Guide today at Webcomics Dot Com … after I’d learned most of his lessons through trial and error. Great timing, Brad!¹

¹ Awww, like I could be mad at him. C’mere, Brad, give me a hug.

[…] Speaking of porn, Smut Peddler impressario Spike confirmed for me that there will be a new edition of the sexytime comics anthology next year, possibly in the spring, maybe in the summer. After that, it looks like alternating porn and not-porn anthologies, with the next not-porn project in 2015, probably on the theme of fantasy, and much like The Sleep of Reason will be restricted to no cliches: TSoR said no vampires, no werewolves, no zombies, and Untitled Fantasy Anthology will say no elves, no dwarves, no Tolkien analogs. In a decade or so of alternating anthologies, we should be able to finally quantify how much people like porn compared to other entertainments. […]

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