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We Actually Argued Who Would Get Which Element

The great thing about the people I follow, and have been privileged to know, is just how nerdy we can all be. Case in point: Dante Shepherd (PhD, Chemical Engineering) wanted to make a point about how silly it is to treat humanities and hard sciences as sitting in opposition to each other, and did so by appealing to the memory of a well-loved¹ cartoon from his youth.

  • I hope by now you are all appreciating the gift that Tom McHenry has provided for you and are well on your way to becoming horsemasters. Join us at the pinnacle of society!
  • Ryan Estrada wondered a few days ago if anybody was collecting the many, many instances online of thinking that artists should work for free because if they aren’t poor they aren’t really artists, or some such crap. Finding no better repository he’s launched the @forexposure_txt twitterfeed, which is already displaying a handsome collection of The Stupid and reminds us of Stevens Law: People die of exposure. So far, this is my favorite:

    I”m [sic] a working letterer for Marvel comics and I still would never expect to get paid for writing and/or art.

    That noise you heard was Chris Eliopoulos firing up the chipper-shredder; whoever tweeted that foolishness will not leave so much as a stain.

  • Big Art Sale! Meredith Gran is selling original Marceline and the Scream Queens pages for amazing prices, and Octopus Pie pages at what can only be described as criminally low price point. Go dive in.
  • Last thoughts for today — I’m running out of wall space but I just had to. Menquilin, meet Hapytzu.

¹ If excessively preachy.

The scary thing is, that dude is ACTUALLY a working letterer for Marvel. The whole thread is a thing of beauty. He gets increasingly angry as the thread goes on. I put the link to the thread in the URL field, so click my name.

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