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Details, Details

Let’s start with a logistical note: Fleen will be shifting hosting in the next couple of days; apologies in advance if anything gets broken. If you can’t get enough of me while DNS propagates and so forth, you can always follow my twitterfeed.

  • The big news today is that the SDCC 2013 exhibitor list/floor map went up, and I’m busy figuring out where everybody’s going to be — I should have a list and maps for your pleasure tomorrow. If you’re going to be exhibiting and want to make sure I know about you, the contact link is over there to the right.
  • In the meantime, please take a moment and follow this link to a posting by international bon vivant Ryan Estrada, where he describes seeing a Korean horror movie that concerns a woman that steals content from webcomics creators and posts without attribution to a Tumblr-like site, prompting the ghost of a dead creator to lash out with death and destruction. It basically sounds like the best thing ever, and for webcomickers it could possibly serve as a checklist of methods by which to haunt the crap out of non-attributors.

SPOILER ALERT: It’s not the ghost of a webcartoonist haunting those who steal the comics it made when it was alive, it’s an actual ghost who makes comics as a ghost of the future ghost-murders he is going to commit, knowing in advance someone is going to steal it, because the comic is about someone reading the stolen comic about the stolen comic and being murdered in the same way as they do in the comic they are reading. The ghost actually WANTED someone to repost the comic to make their evil plans come true.

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