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I Know What I’ll Be Doing For The Next Couple Of Nights

Gina Gagliano and Colleen AF Venable may be my two favorite people right now. Today’s mail brought pre-release copies of both Boxers and Saints by Gene Leun Yang, 500-odd pages of comic goodness from one of the finest creators of our times, with much of the logistics of :01 Books bringing these volumes to print (and to my hands) landing squarely on Gagliano’s skilled shoulders.

The cover design is by Venable, and as much as I’ve praised her work previously¹, she’s blown away all previous efforts with these handsome, matching volumes — the covers sit in opposition to each other: substituting red for blue, dark for white, male for female, left for right; the place where they match is in the rage expressed on the faces of their respective protagonists. I. Can’t. Wait.

  • We spoke last week about Brad Guigar² and his Kickstarter for a sequel to How To Make Webcomics; he was playing coy at that time about stretch goals, but on Friday after we at Fleen went to press, he announced two of them:
    • At US$12,500 (original goal was $10K), a new podcast would be launched where Guigar interviews interesting people in Webcomicistan
    • At US$15,000, a new episode of Webcomics Weekly

    Those first goal got met before I could tell you that the first guest lined up for the interview podcast would be George³; a little while ago the second goal was met, so it looks like we’ll get another WW. And Guigar’s updated his stretch goals again:

    • At US$17,500 (original goal was $10K), Webcomics Confidential (the new podcast) gets Zach Weinersmith for episode #2
    • At US$20,000, a second new episode of Webcomics Weekly

    I see a pattern developing here. I can’t speak for Brad, but every person that ever said, When does Webcomics Weekly come back? now appears to have a clear pathway to ensure that it does: chuck Five Large into the pot and that’s another episode, plus an episode of Webcomics Confidential. You got three and a half weeks to see how many you can get in the bank.

  • Bunch of things happening this summer at the Cartoon Arts Museum for those of you in San Francisco:
    • Summer classes in cartooning for parents and kids! Wednesday 3 July and 7 August, on four different topics for just ten bucks a head.
    • This Saturday, 29 June, a free all-ages workshop entitled Where Do Toons Come From? with Robert Gordon, a Chicago- and Paris-based architecture & design educator and avid cartoonist. Bring your sketchbook and favorite pens!

    Bay Area peeps, be sure to let the rest of us know how these sessions go; they look like a blast.

¹ And I realize that it’s an unusual thing to have a favorite book designer, but there you go.

² The handsomest man in webcomics. Grrrrowl!

³ Rohac, that is, he of the single name and Plans.

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