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Annnnd … TIME!

At 1:21pm EDT today, the longest day of the year (at least in the northerly climes), Abby Howard launched a Kickstart for The Last Halloween, seeking US$9000 to launch the once-weekly multi-page-updates spoooooky webcomic. At 1:39pm EDT — eighteen minutes later — 120 backers had cleared her funding goal as her totals began rolling over literally faster than I could refresh my browser.

Howard’s approaching this one smart: a lot of the rewards are non-physical, so she won’t spend months on fulfillment and shipping¹, she’s offered some high-price tiers that have attracted supporters². In this time it’s taken to write those two footnotes, she’s halfway to her first stretch goal (US$25,000) and there is no end in sight. As soon as I’m done with this sentence I’m backing this campaign (at a level sufficiently high to get a recipe for Sadness Brownies and a recording of Abby telling a scary story), and writing myself a note to be prepared to back the inevitable Kickstart for a print collection in a year or so.

I’m basically just killing time now, having worked out links and the title image and all, waiting to give you a number for the end of the first hour of funding, and here we go:

  • Total Backers: 347
  • Total Funding: US$18,387³

For reference, that’s nearly 25% more than the actual Strip Search cash prize, and the money keeps on a-comin’. Well done, Abby, and I can’t wait to see The Last Halloween.

¹ Postal costs could be a killer, assuming she’s shipping from Montreal and many of her backers will be in the US.

² As of this writing, 22 minutes in, she has support for:

  • $850 I will design you a custom-made monster, AND you get a death scene in the actual comic. (1 of 2 left)
  • $1150 Abby will put you on her “D-List”, a page on her website with a list of names (or aliases) of all those on her D-List accompanied by a sketch of that person (from a picture supplied by you) (Please do not send me a picture of your D). She will also send you a picture of her making a sexy face. Each sexy face will be unique. (9 of 10 left)
  • $3200 Abby will tell you her deepest, darkest secret. (9 of 10 left) NB: This reward is accompanied by a sketch of Abby saying Nobody pick this reward okay. You are not allowed.

³ Also the US$850 tier is now sold out, but there’s still room on the D-List!

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