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Running Late Today

The annual Emergency Action Plan refresher [PDF] took place today in my office, which ate up some time and has me slightly in the weeds today. My apologies if this is brief.

  • How the heck did CAKE sneak up on me?¹ And why the heck does Chicago Alternative Comics Expo get to misspell its acronym like that?² Regardless, the likes of Sarah Becan, Matt Bors, Box Brown, Anthony Clark, Zac Gorman, Meredith Gran, Lisa Hanawalt, Lucy Knisley, Tom McHenry, Tyler Page, Spike, Jason Viola, and more.
  • Speaking of Matt Bors, I understand that he’s now done 1000 comics on the great and the good and venal and the stupid. Sometimes he ruffles the right feathers, sometimes he picks on people I think don’t deserve it, but he’s always got a point of view that makes me think. Well done, Mr Bors.
  • As was foretold in the beforetimes, Schlock Mercenary has now achieved 13 years of hard sci-fi adventure, mayhem, and artistic refinements. Oddly, this makes the strip slightly older than creator Howard Tayler, has he has celebrated
    eleven proper birthdays, being one of those 29 February-birthed mutants. But what the heck, he’s done time-travel stories, I’m sure it all makes sense somewhere in this crazy universe. Congratulations, evil twin.

¹ Many thanks to the TopatoCo blog for reminding me.

² This is not ‘Nam, there are rules, etc.

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