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Long Weekend (For The ‘Mericans Among You)

As national holidays go, Memorial Day is a good one, usually attended by decent weather and cookouts. For those of you celebrating on Monday, I hope it’s fun time for you, and let’s get you into the weekend as quickly as possible.

  • I am less concerned about how gruntled Phil Foglio appears in his new, official, pancake-on-the-head portrait than I am about what appears to be a tentacle trying to escape from an Erlenmeyer flask on the windowsill behind him. Oh, and the ghostly image of Kaja Foglio, trapped between dimensions behind him, that’s pretty concerning too. But mostly this just reminds me that you can’t go wrong with a pancake.
  • Cranking out the strips until the inevitable cease & desist notice: Park Slope Family Circus by Erin Bradley. Read it while you still can.
  • Waaay back in January I mentioned that everybody’s favorite professor, Dante Shepherd, would be launching a new strip this year; Dr Shepherd is on writing duties, Joan Cooke does the pretty pictures, and together they’re telling the stories of graduate students studying cryptozoology in a world with actual monsters and things.

    For months now I’ve been wanting to share with you the art that Shepherd teased me with, of a hapless grad student running from a dragon-creature wearing what by all appearances is an enormous sports bikini. PhD Unknown is now live, will be updating weekly (at least to start), and may strike a more familiar chord in your local doctoral candidate than they’ve ever let on before. Highly recommended.

  • Hey, you! Want to get a few zillion comics for almost nothing? To be more specific, more than 1200 The Book of Biff spread across ten collections, and more than 500 Maximumble strips in four collections? Chris Hallbeck is offering all his books as DRM-free PDFs at a price you name yourself, so long as it’s at least a dollar a book. Fourteen books, fourteen bucks (if you’re cheap) comes to nearly 125 comics per dollar, or 0.8 cents per laugh-chuckle.

    If you read one cartoon per day, you’d be at it for four years and nine months before exhausting these strips, meaning it’s the bargain of the (admittedly, still young) century. So how about this: kick in one lousy dollar, get either the Biff or Maximumble book #1, and if you like it (you’ll like it), adjust your purchase price upwards for subsequent volumes to two bucks? Or even three? Have a little pride, you’re not some bizarre cheap-o.

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