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Yes, Yes, TCAF Was Awesome, It Was All Over Twitter

I swear by all that I hold dear, some day I will make it to Chris Butcher’s little slice of early-May comics-related heaven. In the meantime, just look for the reports of anybody that was there and once again it appears to have been a success beyond the usual superlatives. There aren’t many situations where I take pronouncements like Best show ever at face value, but in the case of TCAF I can’t ignore the overwhelming consensus. Welcome home everybody that was in the Tee-Oh for the weekend, now get back to entertaining me for free.

  • It’s never been the most reliable of updaters, Instant Classic, even going so far as to run an update with the helpful annotation Believe it or not, I have the next 4 or 5 comics drawn. Exciting times! and then not supplying the next strip for just about exactly a year. But irregular updates have never dissuaded me, and even those that are likely never coming back will cause me to peek in from time to time, just to make sure, if they’re good enough.

    And that’s the thing about Instant Classic — however much Brian Carroll may find life (or filmmaking) interrupting him, he’s always going to come back to the comic, because he’s still got story to share. Yesterday marked the first decade of telling that story, in fits, starts, always returning until it’s done. Here’s to as many stories as he has to tell, and however long they take to share.

  • Readers of this page may be familiar with one MC Frontalot, official rapper of webcomics and all-around nerdcore badass. When he decided to make his latest official video, the question was what form it should take. Given that he’s commissioned half of webcomics to do art for his various albums, it was probably a no brainer to call upon the drawin’, comickin’, and animatin’ wonders, Carly Monardo (various art for Dr McNinja, coincidentally written and drawn by her husband) and Lauren Monardo Gramprey (BrainFood Comics, Perhapanauts, and coincidentally Carly’s twin sister).

    Said video went live last night, and you may now enjoy I’ll Form The Head [AV] (from 2011’s Solved) in all of its mid-’80s evoking glory. Seriously, if this doesn’t make you want to slip on some feetie pajamas and curl up in front of the TV with a big bowl of cereal, then I guess you weren’t born around 1978. Neither was I, but don’t judge me.

Ten years of IC? Jeez. I feel old. Oldish. Didn’t Carroll have a comic before that? And what was its name?????

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