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Warning: today’s post contains references to the most evil creatures alive.

  • Nothing to do with webcomics, but interesting nonetheless — a short-duration Kickstart (14 days) with a high goal ($US50,000) and a single reward tier priced at the very popularest dollar figure (US$25). The NPR/This American Life team-up known as Planet Money¹ have decided to Kickstart a t-shirt that contains all the information that describes where the shirt came from and how it was created and shipped to you, the recipient:

    We will take you on that odyssey and document the route our t-shirt took to your back. We’ll meet the people who grow the cotton, spin the yarn, and cut and sew the fabric. We’ll ride on the cargo ships that bring our t-shirt from factories in Bangladesh and Colombia to ports in the US. And we’ll examine the crazy tangle of international regulations which govern the t-shirt trade the whole way.

    Obligatory note that they’ve cleared their goal by more than US$10,000 as of this writing, and the entire project fascinates me more than anything the PM team have done since they went out and bought a toxic asset just to see what that was like. Alas, “Toxie” is no more, but this shirt should prove to be a better investment and I would have pledged for it already if not for one thing.


    One of the attic-invading, cable-chewing, fluff-tailed little bastards² is prominently featured on the shirt so screw that noise. No offense, David Kestenbaum, Jacob Goldstein, Marianne McCune, Zoe Chace, Caitlin Kenney, Chana Joffe-Walt, Matt Levine, Lam Thuy Vo, Jess Jiang, Robert Smith, Adam Davidson, Cory Turner, and all the other Planet Money contributors; I love your work and give money to my public radio station, but I ain’t puttin’ no damn squirrel on my body.

  • Speaking of Kickstarts, Holly Rowland’s sneak preview of what’s coming to Make That Thing this springtime is now becoming less “preview” and more “up and running”. Tyson Hesse’s Boxer Hockey is essentially about people in their underwear whacking the crap out of a frog (and each other) as a competitive sport; since the beginning, Boxer Hockey fans have been wanting their own frogs and now Hesse and Make That Thing have finally produced a prototype with just the right expression, floppiness, and ability to stand up to blunt instruments.

    The Make-a-Frog Project kicks off just as Boxer Hockey (the strip) is approaching a crucial story point as the main characters meet their female counterparts in a Boxer Hockey (the sport) match that is sure to be unrivaled in terms of grudges, hilariously cheap shots, and frog-whacking. Get your own Make-a-Frog in time for the showdown so you can recreate the mayhem at home!

  • Speaking of not exactly webcomics, I came across an essay that originally dealt with creative blocks in programmers, but I think it’s probably applicable more widely than that. The McDonald’s Theory is mandatory reading for anybody that doubts the utility of Just start, it’ll absolutely get better once you’ve discarded the initial crap as an operating philosophy.

¹ Unofficial motto, in the sense that I just made it up: Cutting through the crap since before the financial meltdown.

² I’m convinced that it was squirrels that took down the Charles Christopher site last year, meaning that I can’t link you to the Squirrel Chew comic as the archives are incomplete. Yeah, well, screw you, squirrels, I have the book and I’m sharing your perfidy with the world.

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