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For Various Values Of “Cute”

It’s very nearly the weekend, so let’s keep this brief and then we can all go out and enjoy it. ‘Sides, half of webcomics is¹ either at or in transit to one show or another right about now so it’s kinda quiet.

  • Quiet except for the promise of sexytimes, as Hurricane Erika has finally launched a new, ongoing, weekly webcomic: Oh Joy, Sex Toy [PNSFYWBWDIK²]. While the focus of OJST would seem to be on the exploration and review of sex toys, Moen makes it clear in the first installment (and on her twitterfeed) that if it makes happyparts happy, it’s fair game.

    As readers of this page have no doubt divined by this point, I think that Erika Moen does some of the best comic out there: fearless, honest, beautiful to look at, and they always teach me something³. I am more eager than ever for the forthcoming projects that she’s mentioned, including a graphic novel about a woman whose sketchbook comes to life, and a second that’s focused on sex education for teens (who in many cases don’t get honest information in school). She also has the rare ability to make truly terrifying things appear almost cute; not cuddly, mind you, but definitely cute.

  • On the other side of the cute scale, the inimitable Gigi DG launched her Cucumber Quest Book One Kickstart just about a year ago, and it was a runaway success. Since then she’s been part of the absolutely gorgeous Benign Kingdom Spring 2013 collection, and today she launched the campaign for Cucumber Quest book 2. At current trends, she’ll hit goal around the twelve hour mark, and will go far, far beyond the US$12,000 she’s seeking. Ms DG’s work is wonderful in nearly every way, so if you like wonderful things by all means check it out.

¹ Are? “Webcomics” is plural, but I’m using it to represent a singular community, and the “half of” is a single subunit. If only somebody knew singular/plural rules like your Ryans North know about the compound plural.

² Possibly Not Safe For Your Work But What Do I Know?

³ Ranging from what it’s like in her head (and goodness, has it really been more than three years since DAR wrapped) to the notion that Juggalos are more than just their clownish exteriors. I was pretty ingrained with my anti-juggalism, so kudos to Moen and her co-creator Jeff Parker for knocking some awareness into me.

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