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Forward To The Future For Fun And Frolics

Five Fs worth of alliteration? Might be a personal record. Also, Fleen personnel upgraded WordPress and plug-ins in response to the current exploit going around, so let us know if anything is behaving oddly.

  • I’m assuming you’ve seen this first piece already, but just in case: a scammer or scammers unknown are lifting Kickstarter campaigns wholesale (straight down to text and video) and reproducing them on IndieGoGo so as to rake in money by piggybacking on legitimate campaigns. Kudos to Chris Sims at Comics Alliance for the full story¹, which has grown by at least one more attempt in the time since his story went up.

Conventions! Half of [web]comics is traveling to one show or another. If you’re in transit and prepping up your exhibit or alley space, :01 Books has some handy tabling tips that even veteran pros could stand to give a quick-once over. So where can you see these people? Depends on where you go (and names are in no particular order, and likely to be missing names that really should be there).

Superfans may wish to note that it is probably just possible to hit all three shows this weekend. This is not a request or a recommendation, just an observation.

¹ Also for FunkyWatch, which allows me to keep a weather eye on the most miserablist strips in history without having to read them myself. I think that falls clearly into the category of taking one for the team.

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